Xylella Awareness Week Workshop with BRIGIT

On Friday 5th March, the BRIGIT project delivered a workshop looking at Xylella and research findings so far. The event also provided – and will continue to provide – an opportunity to get involved in the research and help further develop understanding of Xylella in the UK.

Xylella is a bacterial pathogen, spread by spittlebugs, which has emerged in importance since being detected in continental Europe in 2013. Xylella is not currently present in the UK. The pathogen infects more than 500 plant, shrub and tree species, causing leaf scorch, wilt, die-back, and in some cases plant death. There is no known cure for the disease.

The BRIGIT project works to improve our understanding of the disease so that the UK is better prepared should it be introduced.

This workshop aimed to provide an update of our understanding for those who work at or volunteer with botanic and public gardens, environmental and conservation groups and other interested members of the public. Sessions looking at the biology of the disease and disease vectors, current regulations to limit its spread (including impact of Brexit) and the latest research findings were included as part of the programme. The programme from the workshop can be downloaded here.

Four recordings from the workshop will shortly be available to anyone interested in the event to ‘watch again’. The recordings provide an introduction to Xylella, an overview of current regulations, the latest research findings concerning the insect vector, and a discussion of roles and responsibilities relating to prevention of Xylella entering the UK.

Get involved

There is still an opportunity to take part in the research – the BRIGIT project team would welcome your involvement:

  • Please complete the ‘Regulations, responses and responsibilities’ survey once you have seen all the sessions: this will help the research team to understand what the sector would like to see implemented for the control of Xylella.
  • If you attended the workshop and/or have watched all the recordings from the workshop (see below), the research team would like your feedback on how useful you found the workshop. Please complete the feedback form.
  • Take part in the Spittlebug Survey.

Webinar recordings

Presentation 2 – coming soon…. (password will be required)