Rupert Wilson, Aug 2014

Positive Plant Records

27 people from 17 gardens and organisations across England, Scotland and Wales met at the Eden Project to discuss Positive Plant Records. As holders of living collections we understand the importance of keeping plant records but how often do we hear of interesting ways our records are being used? This meeting focussed on Positive Plant Record stories. Speakers shared information including how plant records are used for mapping invasive species, monitoring plant health, recording plant conservation projects and even mapping Monkey Puzzle trees across the UK. Attendees also had a guided tour of the Eden Project.

This event was sponsored by The Garden Label and Sign Company are manufacturers of engraved labels and signs on laminate, slate, perspex, metal and wood.

Resources available from this event: speakers presentations, resource booklet featuring policies and useful resource links for plant recording, free open source software and plant verification information.

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