Field Studies Council: People, Environment, Biodiversity and Learning

On 09 September 2021, we were joined by three colleagues from the Field Studies Council (FSC) for an opportunity to find out more about the FSC – what it does and how it can be of use to horticulturists.

Philip Turvil, Eco-Business Director at the Field Studies Council, provided an overview of what the FSC does and is looking to do in the future.

Clare Rooney, Engagement & Training Manager for Ecoskills, introduced the various courses that are available and might be of interest to horticulturists wishing to develop their wildlife and biodiversity knowledge. Clare also highlighted the two-way conversations that can take place with horticulturists and their gardens, through the provision of courses and course venues to the FSC.

Finally, Rebecca Farley-Brown, Head of the Publishing Department, spoke about the many identification guides and publications produced by the FSC that can be of use to horticulturists or can be used to engage visitors (through stock lines in garden shops).

If you are interested in nature, the environment and wider biodiversity, the FSC has some of the most accessible nature identification guides available – from winter trees to birds and butterflies – as well as training courses and resources that will help you to enthuse about the importance of the great outdoors to visitors! Find out more at:

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