Exploring the Relationship Between Friends’ Groups & Gardens

On 20th May 2021, PlantNetwork joined forces with the Friends of Botanic Gardens Forum to discuss the role of Friends’ Groups and the different types of relationships that exist between Friends’ Groups and the gardens they help to support.

We heard from the founder of the Friends of Botanic Gardens Forum which has been set up to network the different Friends’ Groups, providing support and information sharing to the many different volunteers involved in such groups. We also heard from a number of Friends’ Groups and their gardens about the various different services that Friends’ Groups provide – from fundraising to supporting core garden activities and providing many of the additional activities that help promote gardens to garden visitors including plant sales, garden tours and the organisation of special events.

There is no set model for a Friends’ Group and every garden can (and many do) benefit from the support of such a group. Find out more about what Friends’ Groups do for their gardens by watching the webinar recording below (only available to PlantNetwork members and registered webinar participants). If you would like to find out more about the Friends of Botanic Gardens Forum and Friends’ Groups more generally, please visit their website: https://fbgf.org/

Webinar recording

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