Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Plant Collections

On 24th June 2021, the PlantNetwork webinar was joined by two speakers to talk about two different areas of EDI but both united in understanding how to make public gardens and other green spaces more accessible and enjoyable visiting experiences to as diverse an audience as possible.

We were joined by speakers Dr Sharon Willoughby, Head of Interpretation at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Dr Bridget Snaith, Landscape Architect and Senior Lecturer at University of East London to discuss initiatives being implemented to improve inclusive communication of plant collections and remove the barriers to inclusive use of green space.

Dr Willoughby provided examples of how plant collections are being re-interpreted to acknowledge the extensive knowledge and expertise in botany and horticulture of indigenous people. Dr Snaith highlighted the different use and perception of green space by different people, which might be affected by ethnicity, cultural values, education and age, with different ethnic groups often preferring different landscape styles and planting styles.

A recording of the presentations from the webinar is available to all webinar participants and PlantNetwork members below. Please note that a password is required to access the recording. Contact PlantNetwork if you believe you should have access.

Webinar recording

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