Benefits of being a PlantNetwork member

Membership is open to all who support the aims of PlantNetwork.  Applications from individuals, gardens, Friends’ groups, trustees, colleges and those overseas are all welcome.

As a member, you will receive:

  • weekly e-newsletter containing a wide variety of news, information, upcoming events and job vacancies.
  • discounted rates for PlantNetwork conferences, workshops and training sessions.
  • online members-only resources including ‘watch again’ webinar recordings.
  • free webinars
  • 50% off the non-member rate for job advertisements
  • advice and support for yourself and others in your organisation.
  • opportunities to take part in collaborative activities with other gardens, arboreta and horticultural organisations around the world.

PlantNetwork represents Britain and Ireland in the European Botanic Gardens Consortium (EBGC), providing access to an international network of horticulturists. We work closely with a range of other organisations including the Botanic Gardens Education Network (bgen), Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and Plant Heritage to ensure that our members benefit from the latest news and event opportunities.



PlantNetwork provision


PlantNetwork organises conferences which focus on a topical or emerging theme and aim to give horticulturists a platform to discuss the latest thinking within that topic, provide access to leading authorities, and an opportunity to explore practical considerations.

One day events

A number of training and information days are organised each year. These days are informed by our membership, with members suggesting topics of relevance or importance. All training days focus on upskilling participants, providing a range of resources, examples and approaches that can be applied back in each participant’s garden/collection.

Special interest groups

We encourage and support special interest groups. Members are invited to join the PlantNetwork groups: the PlantNetwork Tree Forum, PlantNetwork Glasshouse Forum  and PlantNetwork Plant Records Group. At least one event per year is organised for each group, allowing more specialist topics to be addressed and enabling members to meet others working in often specialised areas. Suggestions for other special interest groups are always welcomed.


The weekly newsletter shares information across the network. It includes news from the horticultural and botanical worlds, new publications and policy updates, and events taking place in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Job vacancies and other opportunities are also regular features of the newsletter.


PlantNetwork offers regular webinars which are free to members (and available to non-members for a small fee), focusing on a range of horticulturally-relevant topics. More information is available on the webinar page.

Sharing skills

PlantNetwork conferences and training days contribute to the continuing skill development of horticulturists, ensuring members are all involved in strengthening, enhancing and developing the sector in which we all work.

We are working with other organisations in the horticultural sector to evaluate skills gaps and identify mechanisms to meet these needs. Our recent webinars also allow members to share skills and experiences.