PlantNetwork, formerly known as PlantNet, is a registered charity run by a board of trustees, supported by an administrator.

Its aims are to promote the use, for the public benefit, of plant collections in Britain and Ireland and of the education of the public in the use of plant collections for purposes of horticulture, science, education and conservation. We also encourage the highest standards of practice in all aspects of the management of plant collections and their conservation for the public benefit.

Each year PlantNetwork organises a conference and  a number of  training days. We encourage and support special-interest groups: the PlantNetwork Tree Forum, PlantNetwork Glasshouse Forum  and PlantNetwork Plant Records Group. Other Forum groups suggestions are invited.   Friends and volunteer groups also meet from time to time. PlantNetwork was launched in 1996 and liaises with a range of national and international organisations, including the Botanic Gardens Education Network, European Botanic Gardens Consortium and Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

How PlantNetwork can benefit your organisation

Membership is open to all who support the aims of PlantNetwork. Applications from gardens, members of staff, Friends’ groups, trustees, personal members, colleges and those overseas are welcome. As a member, you will receive:


Our History

In 1994 Peter Wyse Jackson, Timothy Walker and David Ingram invited a selection of people involved in maintaining plant collections to a meeting at University of Oxford Botanic Garden, to discuss the set- ting up of a new net- work of plant collections. Following this positive meeting a workshop was arranged at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh on the  5th to 7th October 1994 which resulted in the formation of a working party comprising 12 people from a range of gardens and plant collection organisations. Rob Mars, Director of Ness Botanic Garden agreed to be Chair for the first two years. Judy Cheney from Cambridge Botanic Garden became the Administrator. The name Plantnet ‘Plant collections network of the British Isles’ was agreed. Main tasks were to:
• Define the objectives
• Draw up a constitution
• Organise events for prospective members Official launch 1996.