BRIGIT Webinar: All you need to know about Xylella

Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 2pm

Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterial pathogen spread by spittlebugs, which causes serious diseases in many plant, shrub and tree hosts. Xylella is not present in the UK. The BRIGIT project is working to improve our understanding of the disease so that the UK is better prepared should Xylella be introduced. As part of the BRIGIT project we are offering a webinar where we will cover relevant information about this pathogen, its vectors, the potential hosts and the management of the disease.

The BRIGIT project is mapping where spittlebugs occur in the country and what plants they feed on. Spittlebugs are not pests themselves and should not be harmed

Please help us to monitor populations of spittlebugs and their hosts in your gardens by looking for them from May through to June. You can report your findings on:

To help you identify spittlebugs in your garden please see the links:

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